The "Unidentified" Sound of Love

Tonightit just hit me that if in some reality, love would be something that we can hear, what would it sounds like? I know I am going crazy – day by day with all these essays ;D but thats the point of writing them.

So, with that thought – I started searching for the sound that people think love makes or love has – I googled “Sound of Love”

First of all I found – there's a song with that name – which to be honest I didn't like. Secondly, it turns out that sound of love has very different meaning for everyone.

For some it's the sound of the words they hear from their partner. For some, it's the emptiness of silence – yeah, that's really deep. For some it's the rhythm and the consistency of heartbeats... etc

For me, I don't know but I feel like it's the sound of some liquid flow (as if the emotional flow) in the body. Although, the emptiness is some real deep shit, it really has a heart warming coldness in it and I'll also agree with the words of our partner.

There are many other sounds that people's have described – check them out on Quora.

During my search I also found this nice website or in my language I would say found a New ICE level website on the sound of love. Here it is

But after all these emotional love tranced lines there's still a thing we have missed –the title says The “Unidentified” Sound of Love. So, what is it..?

In my opinion,
“The Unidentified Sound of Love is the Sound of 'O' in it.”

...with that being said, I will take a leave from here ;D – Goodbye 👋 – July 16th 2022 - Day 10

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