Wikipedia has,

A lot of different references for the word Perseverance, from the “Mars 2020 – Perseverance Rover” to “Perseverance locality of Australia” and even the “Behavioural and Psychological resilience”.

We are not gonna talk about the “Mars 2020 – Perseverance Rover” nor the “Perseverance locality of Australia” here. This essay is about the continuity of action and the continuance in the course of it without getting affected by any discouragements, oppositions, difficulties or delays.

Perseverance is something I heard first in WandaVision: “What is grief, if not love persevering?”

'What is grief, if not love persevering?' quote's illustration.
'What is grief, if not love persevering?' quote's illustration.

The idea of love, turning into grief & loss, and making the mind feel up with the defused emotions of the persevering love – shook me from inside-out and left a never-lasting impression on my heart. Marvel Cinematic Universe always knows the way to touch my heart.

Not only me, but a lot of people also resonate with that line. Losing someone from life doesn't erase the love we feel for them, it simply fills the physical road to them with an immense amount of grief, thus turning our love for them into grief. And this confirms the fact that “Perseverance does have the power to change any idea, thought or concept into another”. Giving us another important life lesson:

Success is nothing, but the efforts of our skills and/or hobbies persevering in life.

And therefore, this is my Perseverance to continue the flow of these few paragraphs (short-essays) – which started with the Procrastination of dealing with the Elephants in the room and presenting the small gestures of Goodwill in the mornings.

Now, embracing the memories of our Rejections and the Patience to do this – turning words upside down into the Umbrella Terms one at a time.

This is it for tonight. Goodbye 👋 – July 13th 2022 - Day 7

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