pain of rejections

Rejection is an act of dismissing or refusing a proposal, idea, concept etc. No matter what you do, it hurts. And you can't deny it, no one can.

Dread it. Slice it. Run from it.
Rejection still arrives.
And it bloody hurts.

Thanos' dialogue ft. Shivam

They say,
“Life is just about doing things. And when you do things, Rejection is always a possibility”. And all you can do is “keep trying” – a two-word solution to our one-word pain, but it ain't any solution. It's more of an invitation to the next possible rejection of your life. I know I'm being negative here, but that's the truth – but... read the poem below

Remember Murphy's Law,

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.”

Things fail and they will fail. We get rejected and we will in future too. There's no denying it and I know that, but please don't tell me not to feel bad. I know that failures and rejections are empowering and opportunistic, but they are also discouraging :( And there's no denying in that too.

And this is me, after receiving another rejection, writing an essay - tonight, July 11th 2022 - Day 5

We all feel the pain,
it's in our vein.

Rejections are the bane
of our existence;
and will always be the same.

All we can do is to train
and make efforts to sustain
our nuance little brain
with that pain

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