Shivam Rathore at Vagator Beach, Goa, India

Shivam Rathore

"Software Developer • Free Time Doodler • Paper Plane Pilot • Rubik's Cuber"

👋 Hello, my name is Shivam Rathore, and I go by the username 'Shivam010' or '010Shivam', on most of the platforms. 010 has kinda became my identity 😅 I work as a lead Software Developer in a startup, and try to work on some side projects in public on Twitter.

I believe in Loyalty. For me, Loyalty is a two-way street. If I'm asking for it from you then you're getting it from me.

I love to experiment with different: ideas, technologies, and paper planes. Have something in mind..? Let's discuss, who knows something better would come out of it.

My recent experiment was with AI image generating models. I experimented with a lot of different models based on stable diffusion and image regeneration. And ended up generating a lot of images. So, I decided to collect them and offer them to people.

You can get them here: 'Beautiful 100+ AI generated Images'. I even launched it on Product Hunt and got quite a good engagement from people:

Beautiful 100+ AI generated Images - No more searching for beautiful images, AI is here | Product HuntBeautiful 100+ AI generated Images stats as of November 27th, 2022
Beautiful 100+ AI generated Images stats as of November 27th, 2022

Sometimes, I also doodle and write nuisance content, Mostly when I am borred and/or in some long meetings. In short, don't check my notepad, you have been warned :P

In real life, you can find me Flying different-different kinds of Paper Planes a lot. At any point of time, I'll have at least one paper plane ready to fly at my desk.

Shuffled Rubiks cubeAlso, I can solve 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and even 5x5 Rubik's Cube, with the 3x3 cube, on an average, in roughly ~2 minutes.

According to ThoughtCo,

Familiar essays are short prose compositions (a type of creative nonfiction) characterized by the personal quality of the writing and the distinctive voice or persona of the essayist.

My essays is a series of familiar – informal essays written based on my thoughts and views based on life experiences. Any resemblence of incidents or conditions with your life is not on purpose, I didn't mean any harm. If you want to comment something or discuss something about any specific essay, go to the essays' GitHub Issue, all of them are tagged with label short-essay.

Few of them are listed below and you can checkout others on the essays page:

I believe that,

Initially, every story is just a set of random words that don't make sense... Until you club them together and add some sense to it

Storytelling is a strong notion, and I don't think my words are worth enough to level up. But I believe that practice can smoothen one's journey to it. And hence, everything else doesn't matter. So, I am starting a #Wordle storytelling or snippet series, where I will be using all my guesses of the Wordle game.

Here's the one from the last day and checkout others at the stories page:

Perfect nines revolving Sun up high,

Alter their course and everybody will die.

Lamed jokes are just labels, right?

A Label is something, you won't take a bite.

August 12
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