Is Bluesky the Next Big Leap in Social Media?

Article By Shivam Rathore • Published on May 01, 2023

Have you heard about Bluesky App – It's the newest buzz in the social media world, and people are getting anxious about its private invite-only beta.

So, is it the next big leap in the society?

Well, it's backed by the founder of Twitter – Jack Dorsey, so that's something 😅 Bluesky offers many of the same core features as Twitter, but it comes with a twist. is built on the Authenticated Transfer (AT) protocol blah... blah... blah...

Well, what it means, in simple terms, is that it allows people to freely interact and create content, without a single intermediary. Well, that's something appealing, isn't it!

Let me put in the same words as the team has put:

A protocol for social networking,

"The “AT Protocol” is a new federated social network. It integrates ideas from the latest decentralized technologies into a simple, fast, and open network.

What’s a “federated” network? It’s a way for servers to communicate with each other — like email. Instead of one site running the network, you can have many sites. It means you get a choice of provider, and individuals and businesses can self-host if they want."

Which meanings, it's time for more account portability. With the AT Protocol, you can move your account from one provider to another without losing any of your data or social graph (friends, followings and followers). This gives users more control over their online identity, instead of being owned by corporations with no accountability to their users.

Plus, using Authenticated Transfer Protocol, it enables various social media networks to interact with one another. Giving us users even more control on our audiences.

Now, to add more icing the cake, they also have open algorithms (yes, it's the same sharing of recommendation algorithm that Elon did, recently for Twitter). Algorithms dictate what we see and who we can reach, so having control over them is crucial for building trust in our online spaces.

All these novel promises is making me fear the addition of one more social platform in the bucket. While it's still in it's early days, Bluesky's innovative approach to social networking has the potential to change the game.

...but as all new things shines!

Will it be able to full-fill all it's emphasises and promises? Will the protocol be able to deliver great performance at the global scale? However, the buzz around Bluesky is palpable, with people clamoring for invites on Twitter, it will stick around, I think for some time!

And the most important part, if you got an extra invite to, please share it with me Twitter@010shivam. I would love to try it.

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